Saturday, May 26, 2012

Catching up ... and that never actually happens

It's been a busy three weeks since my last update.  I told David, if I only had the house to keep clean and meals to fix, I would be a busy woman.  But, don't-cha-know, it's great.
We made a trip to the emergency room last week with little Alayna.  Running around on the slippery splash pad with our friends was super fun until she bit it, literally.  Poor thing bit right through her bottom lip.  Instead stitches we get to pay $400 for super glue.  But, hey, well worth it ... except that I have super glue in my kitchen junk drawer!  Oh well.  Fast, nice doctors and nurses and my shaky hands didn't do a thing. :)

The kids were super-impressed at my play-doh sculpting skills.  I love it when I can amaze them.  I'm an incredible lego engineer as well as a superb artist ... according to all my babies.  ;)

We celebrated Mother's Day (the Wednesday evening after Mother's Day!) with just the big sisters and mom by the fireplace and the pool.  Relaxation at it's best - what all mom's want for Mother's Day!

I date my husband every other weekend.  I highly recommend it.

We finally bought a family zoo pass and we've put it to good use, while it's cool enough to go enjoy the animals.  This was the scary carousel ride.  Poor girl was so scared and I was laughing so hard!

The boys visited OKC to hang out with Granddad so the girls and I had a girl day.  We went to the zoo again, McDonalds (southwest grilled chicken salad - I can stomach it every once in a while!). And rented a girly movie that the boys wouldn't want to watch.  We spent lots of time with Mimi and even got to play with our cousins.  Fun times.

Alayna gets herself dressed in this sequin belt every day with every outfit.  She was playing "Security Guards" with Pierce this time.

These are a few Sunday morning shots in the front yard:

Alayna - almost 4!

Adelle 2

Hudson 7 1/2

Pierce 5 1/2

Daddy and the kids one movie night.

This girl turned 2.  Oh boy.  One of these days I'll finish potty training her.  She's my little tornado and we love her so much.  Amazing what a year will bring!

Adelle at 1 year!

This is memorial day weekend.  We have no major plans.  Yard work, flowers, house work, pizza on Monday with the big family.  And we love it ... and we sleep good!


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