Friday, August 28, 2009

2nd Born

Pierce doing handwriting :)

Home schooling a Kindergartner with an almost three-year-old and a baby at home presents it's challenges.  Alayna usually busies herself with books or toys or dishes or, this morning, dumping out the trash :)  I should have gotten a picture of that one.

Pierce, however, wants to participate.  He's big too.  In his mind he and Hudson are equal and they can both do the same things - and we try, for the most part.  So, while Hudson was practicing his letters in shaving cream, Pierce was making tornados.  We are from Oklahoma.  Pierce knows he's not in Kindergarten.  He doesn't get to go in Hudson's class at church.  He knows he doesn't do all the stuff that Hudson does in school.  So, he's started telling everyone that he's in Pre-K.  I don't even know where he heard that, but he says it with the greatest confidence.  Hudson tried to dispute this one, but I said, Pre-K means, "Before Kindergarten", and that is what he is.  And very proud of it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Glory is Shiny

For Bible in school, Hudson and Pierce are going through Leading Little Ones to Christ by Marian Schoolland.  It's old.  My parents used it to teach me when I was Hudson's age.

Today's lesson was called, We Cannot See God.  It was all about how God is a Spirit and no one has every looked on Him because His glory and holiness are so bright.  We read the story of Moses on the mountain who had to be shielded from God's glory and still came off the mountain with a shining face.

The boys fiddle and wiggle during this lesson.  They can answer the questions, but I never really know how much they are absorbing.  Tonight during our bedtime prayers Hudson's exact words were, "Dear Heavenly Father, I just ask that you would show me a little bit of your glory, but not too much.  In Jesus' name, Amen."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They Brighten My Day

A real smile - I love it!
My gorgeous boy, but don't tell him I said so.  Cool and awesome are about the only adjectives we can use to describe Pierce ... and big, not little :)
The giant baby's on the loose.  Alayna with the Bubba-teeth pacifier was a terrifying thing for the boys!
They fell asleep holding hands.

They love each other. 

I drove David to the airport this week for a wedding in South Carolina.  I prayed for him on the way after he said to me, "I'm sorry sweetie.  I just want to be well.  I just want to be normal.  I'm tired of this too."  I prayed the truth that I believe.  But tonight, I'm tired and can't keep back tears.  I just want health and normal too, and I'm so tired.  Being tired makes life feel impossible.  Chronic Fatigue is the new "diagnosis" for David (don't all mom's have that too?).

So, truth check:  God's will is perfect.  He loves us and works EVERYTHING together for our good.

And this is what I read today:

"Trust me in the midst of a messy day.  Your inner calm--your Peace in My Presence--need not be shaken by what is going on around you.  Though you live in this temporal world, your innermost being is rooted and grounded in eternity.  When you start to feel stressed, detach yourself from the disturbances around you.  Instead of desperately striving to maintain order and control in your little world, relax and remember that circumstances can not touch My Peace.

"Seek My face, and I will share My mind with you, opening your eyes to see things from My perspective.  Do not let your heart be troubled, and do not be afraid.  The Peace I give is sufficient for you." --Sarah Young, Jesus Calling
John 16:33; Psalm 105:4; John 14:27

The Prince of Peace gave His life for me, that I may have the kind of peace that circumstances cannot touch. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to Reality

Taking Pierce to the bathroom this morning I called him a stinky boy.  He said, "No, you're a stinky boy."  I smiled, "I'm not a boy."  He looked at me quizzically, "Is that because you don't have boy hair?"  

During family devotions this morning we talked about how the Holy Spirit inspired the prophets to write the Bible.  Hudson pondered this for a long time then asked, "Why didn't the Holy Spirit tell them to draw some pictures?"

The giant baby is officially walking.  As I type she's feeding herself eggs and drinking her milk.  Did life just get easier or what?!  

And that is my reality now that I'm home from my AMAZING weekend away. Here's a shout-out to my incredible parents who made our weekend possible and SO FUN!!!

Shannon (the sister who lives in St. Louis) and Ange.
Mom & Dad at our hotel before we went out to dinner at Deardorf's.
Angela, Amanda, & Alyson - three of the four sisters.
Dad & Ange at the Cardinals game.
Starbucks at the airport - good stuff.

Too much fun and a much needed break.  Baby's done with breakfast.  Off we go.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet Me in St. Louis

6:15 am - Wipe the sleep from my eyes, roll myself out of bed and head for the bathroom.  Always go to the bathroom BEFORE you go get the crying baby.  Good tip.  Change poopy diaper and give the sleepy-eyed, messy-haired, beautiful little girl of mine some milk (in the straw cup she will actually drink out of!).  Sit baby girl on left hip and head to the kitchen for the making of the coffee with free right hand.

7 am - Two sleepy-eyed, messy-haired, morning-breath boys come snuggle up beside me on the couch.  "Is it Saturday?"  Standard morning question.  Standard morning answer, "No cartoons."  

7:15 - Make breakfast for all.  Family devotions: currently using a family devotion book based on the shorter Catechism called Training Hearts Teaching Minds by Starr Meade.

7:45 - Get everybody dressed, teeth brushed, bed made, and start school.

Thus my day goes, like clock-work (except for the ever-changing baby).  Tomorrow, however, all of that will change for the first time in a LONG time.  I'm headed to St. Louis to see my sister and I'm leaving hubby and kiddos home!  Actually, David will just have the boys.  Alayna gets to stay with my Aunt whom she adores.

I'm all nerves and excitement: nerves for my family, and excitement for me!  Pictures to come!

Monday, August 3, 2009


 Monday nights I teach water aerobics at the Y.   This is not a twinges-in-the-hinges old people class, but I do have a few old people attendees.  I also have some big tough guys with knee issues, etc.  Anyway, I finally talked one of my workout buddy's to try to the class.  She loved it, and so did her 11-year-old son who joined us.  However, without me realizing it, the moment he jumped into the pool one of my oldies got huffy.  Forty-five minutes into the class I noticed that she was extra huffy - sighing and trying to get my attention.  I walked over and asked her if everything was okay and she exploded, "I didn't realize children were aloud in adult exercise classes!!!"  yelling, spitting, etc.  I calmly replied, "These classes are open to families and if he's participating with his mom it's fine.  Is he bothering you?"  More sputtering, "Well I just assumed this was an adult class!"  Still yelling at me and shaking.  I said, "As long as he's participating, he's fine."  And I went back to teaching the class.  She continued to simmer beyond a rolling boil and proceeded to pick up her styrofoam weights and throw them at me!  Yes, she did.  I was shocked.  I almost laughed, but contained myself.  Instead, I smiled and said, "I see that you are angry and you are welcome to fill out a comment card at the front desk."  Sputtering and splashing and working her 4 ft frame along the edge of the pool to the ladder she continued to yell, "Oh, I will!  Oh, I will!!!"  

I was so flustered.  I work hard to provide a pleasant class atmosphere.  I tell stories about my kids, I learn about my class attendees and remember their names and ask them about specifics in their lives.  I try to really care.  And I have NEVER been yelled at.  From that night on I am committed to becoming a sweet old lady. 


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