Friday, July 30, 2010

Coping with digestive issues

Well, I want to buy every digest from Econobusters Blog. You have to check that one out.

We've had the big D around here for the last few days or, as my kids say, rusty poop. I don't know where they come up with this stuff. So I've been making the kids eat starchy foods as I sneak Cliff bars and protein shakes (mommy and baby are fine). Yesterday morning we (less than successfully) tried Cream of Wheat. They thought it was so awful they opted for plain white hotdog buns instead. Last night I made mashed potatoes. Pierce happily ate those and said, "I like these kind of mashed potatoes but those applesauce potatoes you made this morning were not very tasty." :)

Due to the big D, this mommy has not gotten a lot of quality sleep. Baby A sleeps like an angel (knock on wood), but between Pierce and Alayna I've been up every couple of hours and my entire day suffers. So, this morning when Adelle went down for her morning nap, I turned on Dora and went down for my morning nap. It was glorious. After the nap and feeding Adelle I went to Starbucks for the rare and wonderful treat of a little liquid gold. Now the laundry and dishes are done and the house is in ship shape again. Caffeine as a stimulant is the way to go.

My children are happily eating applesauce and crackers for lunch after a morning of searching for bugs in the back yard (mostly fast spiders according to Hudson). After the big kids rest time we're headed out for an afternoon swim with the cousins and Aunts. Should be a par-tay.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A few little videos

Click HERE to see Adelle jabbering on her blanket.

Click HERE to see Alayna telling me her verse.

Click HERE to see Alayna telling me about Adam and "Even" and making funny faces.
Snack time with Curious George :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer School

Hudson and Pierce "playing" with Adelle.

I got out of the van at Target yesterday and parked next to me was a big black SUV with a lovely blonde woman in the driver's seat on the phone. She got to watch the process that is getting the kids out of the van. I unbuckled Alayna, and pulled her out, then the boys hopped out, then we all walked around to Adelle's side. The kids put their backs on the door while I get the baby out and stick her in the sling. The blonde lady rolled down her window as I grabbed hands and arranged our train. "I don't know how you do it!" She yelled over my van. I yelled back, "One kid at a time!" As we walked into the store a couple of older ladies walked in behind us. I could hear them chattering together about my kids. As I put Alayna in the basket and instructed one boy to hang on to each side they came up on both sides of me and said, "You've got your hands full honey!" Yes, I do. That's the best answer I have for that one. Alayna likes to put her hands on the handle and help me push. :)

We traveled back to the toy department because I actually had an hour to kill before feeding the baby and heading to the Y for a step class(the bug guy was spraying our house - spiders! ack!). Nothing passes time better than looking at toys, right?! Another lady in the toy department looked up and counted my kids then said, "Wow, you are a brave woman!" To which I always answer, "Brave or crazy!" That always gets a good laugh. Who knew four little kids would be such a phenomenon!

We (I) decided to go ahead and start school. It's been so hot that we can't get outside too often and I can't take them to the pool unless I have some good help, so we might as well be doing some school. It's going great. The kids love their new school books and there are still a lot of things we can do all together. The read-alouds, history and Bible we do all together first. This morning we read the story about Adam and Eve - Alayna calls them Adam and Even. Pierce, who has had no letter recognition up to this point is really getting it. We're taking it nice and slow with lots of repetition. We played a bean bag gamethis morning - if they could tell me something from the history, read-aloud or say their Bible verse they got to throw the rolled up socks into the laundry basket. Who knew that would be the greatest game ever?!

Pierce and Alayna rolling cars on their letter "A".

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crazy cuties

My boys have been going to VBS at my parent's church this week. Saddle Ridge Ranch is the theme and yesterday was crazy hat day. Duck tape goes a long way in making cowboy hats crazy.
Crazy boys
Socks, foam bath letters, plastic frogs, lego ships and guys, and an action hero = WINNERS!!!

My happy girl is getting so big.

While the boys have been at VBS this week Alayna and I have gotten a lot of good one-on-one time. She'll be two a week from today so we've been planning her party and just hanging out.

Anyway, I'm needed. I may never post a real blog post again!


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