Thursday, September 30, 2010

Golden Birthday

I'm entering a new decade.

I celebrated my 21st birthday in Australia as a completely different person than I am today. I worked there for two years and met David. I was 23 when we got married, and nine months later we had Hudson. It's all kind of a blur from there. 22 months later we had Pierce. 21 months later we had Alayna. And 22 months after that we had Adelle. I know other stuff happened in the last nine years, but I might as well just touch on the high notes. Now here I am, married and four kids later and I'm 30. I feel like I'm not just entering a new decade, but a new era, a new phase of life. As far as my plans go the childbearing era has come to a close. I'm getting in shape for the last time (I've gained and lost 35lbs four times - that qualifies as a high note!).

I have a few goals for my thirties:

1. To become a woman of prayer. I pray all the time, I'm just not usually on my knees. When I wake up I pray to see God's new mercies (though sometimes it might sound like, "Lord, have mercy."!!) I pray throughout the day. But I really want to develop the habit of getting up early and meeting the Lord before all the chaos ensues.

2. A studier of the Word. I'm a good studier when I have the accountability of a church Bible study. I try to read a little bit every day. I memorize verses with my kids or teach them from verses I've had in my heart for years (thanks to my mom and dad). But I want to be a student of the Word beyond reading a Proverb a day. I want to know and internalize the Truth.

3. Expand my personal training. I love training people in exercise and nutrition. I have very little extra time with homeschooling and nursing. But sometime in the next decade maybe that'll improve. :)

4. Get my family more involved in missions and ministry. We're going to start doing some country studies this year of the missionaries that we're connected with. I want my kids to share the gospel boldly and have a deep understanding of Jesus' love for us and others.

5. Learn a new skill. I have no idea what that might be at this point. Something along the creative vein probably.

It's almost 10:30 and my brain is shutting down. Sweet dreams :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coffee tastes so good on rainy days.

They wake up at 6am on rainy days. It's a good thing they're cute. This is just a more formal update for my far away family - love to you all!

Adelle Sophia, Smiles, Ellie Peaches, Ellie Belly, 4 months
She's the smiliest, happiest girl in the house (especially since Miss Princess Panties turned 2!). She's definitely a little spoiled because every time she makes a peep someone is in her face talking to her and keeping her company and she LOVES to be talked to. She'll be four months old this weekend. I think we'll celebrate and go get some coffee. :)

Alayna Serene, Sweets, Miss Princess Panties, Ladybug, 2 years
My little princess is two and the drama just turned WAY UP! She's sweet and fun most of the time, but we're working through the fit stage. Now when she gets up set she sobs, "I'm just going to go sit on my bed!" Yesterday the boys were wrestling in the living room she put both of her hands in the air to announce, "Everybody, lets do the Destroyer Dance!" What?! She has her own girlie twist on all boy activities and toys.

Hudson Alexander, Brains, Hud, Huddy Buddy, 5 years
My little engineer minded boy loves to build, create, and invent. He has a tender heart to the things of the Lord and gets super excited about working hard (to earn money). This past weekend he picked up sticks in the yard for an hour. He and Pierce have been saving for a toy, but Hudson needed to earn some extra so Pierce would be able to get his at the same time. So thoughtful.

Pierce Maxwell, Muscles, Piercy Pants, almost 4!
Is he cute or what?! My little toe-headed, second born is competitive and tough and super sensitive all in one adorable little body. He loves playing with guys and coloring Batman and Robin (I seriously print out the SAME picture every day, sometimes multiple times a day!). He's sweet to his sisters and loves his big brother. He's getting big, but he's still pretty cuddly. Alayna told him he was gorgeous yesterday (she tells everyone that), and he came running to me crying, "Alayna said I was gorgeous, but I'm not! I'm tough!" Yes you are, now wipe your tears.

Had to post this one for Gigi. Alayna and her "sunbrella." She played this game all day in the house, talking on her princess phone and sipping her "coffee" while it rained outside. Cheap entertainment for her and us!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Personal

Well, the journey has begun. I started doing some personal training. I've thought about it for a long time, but every time I was ready to get serious, I got pregnant. Since we're taking a long and (hopefully) permanent break from birthing children, I might as well get started.

I only have two clients and the rest are lining up. I can't take on too much at a time. I teach at the Y Monday and Wednesday nights, so I train Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday nights. I homeschool three children during the day and keep the youngest on a rigorous routine: eat, play, sleep, repeat. :) Once this sweet baby girl doesn't rely on me for food anymore, I can start stacking appointments and add more clients.

In other news, our yard is overrun with Giraffe Beetles (looks like a beetle bug with a long nose). My little insect-lovers are in heaven! Alayna is obsessed with her umbrella that she calls a sunbrella. I asked her what letter that started with and she made the lowercase A sound, "A-A-A, sunbrella." :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Good Morning!

Alayna and I went on a Target date yesterday that included her first visit to Cherry Berry - what a treat! She chose Birthday Cake/Cheescake frozen yogurt and everything chocolate to spinkle on top (that's my girl!). We sat and ate at tall barstools with pink spoons. Last night when jammy time came she chose her "cherry berry" jammies :)
PBS kids new show, The Cat and the Hat, warrants TV trays and Honey Combs (not every day, but we'll make an exception this morning!).

Sweet kisses on chubby baby cheeks - precious!


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