Friday, June 29, 2012

Swimming, puppies and army guys

Happy day!  We're finishing up the last day of 2 weeks of swimming lessons today and getting ready for July 4th family celebrations and Alayna's 4th birthday!  We usually start school the week after the 4th so I've been organizing the school books.  3rd grade, 1st grade, pre-K and pre-school = crazy fun! (Or just crazy, however you want to look at it!).

I've decided to go ahead and train for a full marathon.  It's so hot right now I have to leave the house by 5 am just to get through my run before the sun beats down and fries me.

I've been teaching Kid's Fit and Fun at the Y this summer.  My boys love being a part of it.  Lots of relay races and tag games, and LOTS of kids.

Kids say funny things
I told Pierce to do something three times.  After the third time I said, "Pierce can you not hear me?!"  He just looked at me with this silly smirk on his face.  "When I'm talking to you, you need to answer me."  Pierce smiled, "No comprende." !  I didn't know whether to laugh or spank him!

The boys have been learning a lot lately about military life style and discipline.  We have a friend heading off to West Point this month and his family had bracelets made reminding us to pray for him.  The boys wanted to know why he needed prayer.  David found this special documentary on Netflix and watched it with the boys.  It was all about Beast Boot Camp training that our friend will go through.  Short hair cuts, pushups and jumping jacks are on the brain these days.  David is embracing their enthusiasm and "helping" them remember to keep their quarters clean and work hard in all they do.  Pierce used to ask me why I would waste so much energy exercising and training.  Now he's got vision beyond running races and being healthy.  Training to fight for freedom and save lives is a big vision for a little guy.

He also wants to start saving his money for a Golden Retriever (but not one that might "lay" puppies).  He's scared to death of dogs but read somewhere that Goldens are calm and good with kids.  We'll see how this goes.  I told David I didn't want a dog until everyone learns how to wipe their own bottoms.  If they can do that, they can take care of a dog.  Sound logic.  We're not quite there ;)


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