Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pillow Project

My sweet babies and the pillow I made for them for Christmas. Pierce actually cried when he opened his because he wanted a toy and he doesn't really like it now because "it gets soft on his head." Can't win them all. The succession of pictures that follows is a typical photo shoot with my children - and probably any children - I'm just always amazed :
No , really - SMILE!
Pierce, seriously, SMILE! Alayna, wake up!
Alayna wanted to see the pictures.

And here's a close-up of the creation. Two 28x28 " of fleece fabric (that includes 4 " on each side for fringe). Cut it out, cut the fringe 1"apart all around the fabric then tie them together (leave an opening to stuff the pillow) - stuff it and finish tying it and wa-la! I actually sewed these up so the stuffing could not possibly come out - but you don't have to. Fun easy project that everybody loves ... except Pierce!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing in the snow and proof reading

Pierce, laying in the snow.
baby girl all bundled up - notice the crazy huge snow drifts. Blizzard conditions on Christmas Eve left us with a lovely white Christmas. It was a fabulous weekend thanks to my family of 4WD owners.
Hudson - taking aim.

The daddy and me playing in the snow too.

I finally got the Christmas letters out yesterday. I really did proof read them, but that was while I was also "reading" to Alayna, tearing out a color page for Pierce and changing the arms of a lego guy from yellow to black because that would be cooler. So, for those of you who read the letter (on facebook too), another year has come and gone, not coma; and Hudson likes to build things out of legos.

Christmas Eve we drove to a friends' house for a little get together ... in a blizzard. The wind and snow were insane. We made it slowly but safely home that night, but because of the huge snow drifts we couldn't pull all the way into our driveway. The van was stuck, and we would have been too if it weren't for my parents (who live about a block away) and their 4WD vehicles. After Christmas morning in our living room, my brother-in-law picked us up for Christmas lunch at Mimi & Papa's where all 16 of us and two dogs celebrated together. We got my dad a jim-bay (don't know how you spell that, but it's a drum. He's wanted one ever since he saw "The Visitor"). I looked up the lyrics for Little Drummer Boy and a few other well-known songs that we didn't know the words to, and we had a very LOUD Christmas caroling session. After presents, lunch and naps we headed to my Grandma's house. Thirty-six aunts, uncles, cousins and grandkids assembled for Christmas carols and presents and more food in a little bitty house. We love it though.

And now the decorations are put away and the treadmill is cleaned off and we're ready for the new year. We'll do that the way most families with young children do: put the kids to bed at 8 and be in bed ourselves by 10. Happy 2010!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Just a few pictures of everyone but me ...
Alayna in her lovely Christmas dress.
Daddy & Hud
Daddy & Pierce

Sweet Alayna - my little chipmunk.

And my favorite Christmas Hymn. It's a traditional French carol from the liturgy of St. James, 5th century - translated in the 1800s:

Let all mortal flesh keep silence, and with fear and trembling stand; ponder nothing earthly minded, for with blessing in His hand, Christ our God to earth descendeth, our full homage to demand.

Rank on rank the host of heaven spreads its vanguard on the way, as the Light of light descendeth from the realms of endless day, that the pow'rs of hell may vanish as the darkness clears away.

At His feet the six-winged seraph; cherubim, with sleepless eye, veil their faces to the Presence, as with ceaseless voice they cry. Alleluia! Alleluiah! Alleluia! Lord Most High.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Grace

Lots of things on my brain this morning: Menu planning, what to get my dad for Christmas (the man who has everything or buys it himself on the internet Dec 15 - thanks dad), projects to finish before Christmas, must mail those Christmas cards today! grocery shopping by 9 or it won't happen, am I really only half way through this pregnancy?! I feel huge, probably baking some goodies this afternoon for friends and neighbors, and that little diaper bottom in pink sweatpants that just walked by sure is cute ...

I finally wrapped the presents yesterday during nap time. When Pierce woke up he said, "We really ARE getting presents!" Someone asked Hudson last night if Santa was coming to his house. He looked at them with this do-you-think-I'm-a-dumb-little-kid look and said, "Santa Clause is already in heaven and his real name is Saint Nick." We did supply the history of St, Nicholas, but not the attitude! Good grief! Pierce is a little scared of "Santa Claw" so it's just as well that we don't "do" Santa. When Hudson was about 3, he kept telling me these crazy things about Satan. It was several days before I realized he was trying to say Santa - much to my relief!

I do like the philosophy of giving gifts to my children because I love them and want to bless them rather than gifts magically appearing if they're good vs. bad. We're really celebrating the birth of Christ who came to us, not because we're good and deserving, but because He first loved us. His ultimate gift to us required the greatest sacrificial gift of all time - His life for ours. I have been blessed with grace and mercy and love having the opportunity to share that beautiful picture of grace with my children.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Very Random Monday Morning

Finishing up the Christmas shopping this morning while mom watches the kiddos. So glad to be feeling better!

Alayna has graduated to the booster seat. She LOVES sitting at the table. After she kept crawling/climbing up into Hudson and Pierce's chairs we decided to give her a "big girl" chair.

In other news, I made these awesome fleece pillows for my nieces. I'll take pictures soon. The boys thought they were SO awesome so I'm picking up some more fabric today to make some for them. I was really impressed with how well those turned out and got really ambitious and confident in my home-ec abilities. So, with some extra fabric I had on hand, I decided to make some pajama pants for the nieces as well. I didn't have a pattern so I used clothes I already had to make one. That was probably my first mistake. Anyway, they'll just be getting pillows this year. The boys were totally impressed with my sewing skills. "Whoa! How did you even do that?!" A good boost for my ego, but it really says nothing of my sewing skills. Sadly, I did take classes for that (ten years ago! - I'm so old!).

Time to get a move on. The mad, mean Christmas shoppers need to make way for the well woman on coffee with no children in tow! A force to be reckoned with!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Everyday for the last three days I have felt a little bit better. My energy is not quite back to normal and I still can't hear out of the right side of my head (that'll take a while to get back), but I can breathe (except for this baby starting to crowd my lung capacity) and I'm not quite so dizzy. My poor children have been well for a week but have still been trapped in the house with their sick mommy.

Yesterday I got to go to a surprise birthday party for my sisters. It was SO wonderful to get out of the house and enjoy adult company! I've been craving a good dose of that for over two weeks!

Well, I got home last night and laid out the church clothes and bathed the children and heard my husband say, "I don't know if the kids should go to church tomorrow. We just can't go through two more weeks of this." While I agreed that I don't want to go through two more weeks of this, I cannot hibernate until March and neither can they. So, we had a short discussion and he yielded to my view ... or at least gave me my way. But, what to do? I have to go to the grocery store, I have to start working at the Y again, and I have to teach Sunday school at church. I have to take the kids with me - that's just the way it is. There's no avoiding the germs ALL the time.

So, we're all headed to church this morning. Stay away from us if your germy! Time to let the Sunday morning marathon begin and get the kids' fed and dressed.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Among the many challenges this month: Getting Christmas Pictures of my Children

A flu-ridden mommy and kids watching a Christmas show.
Alayna was NOT into taking Christmas pictures.
Daddy and the boys after I said, "David, smile for real, you look like your dad!" We LOVE Grandad. :)
Alayna, in a much better mood in her warm house by the tree.

After the 3rd day of trying I got a few usable shots. They're in our card and I'll post them later. But, seriously, that's after three days of combing hair, donning the red turtle necks and the Mrs. Santa dress, and mommy "nicely" insisting they look at the camera and smile at the same time. Three days!

I also finished the Christmas letter. I love Christmas letters. I love getting them and reading them and catching up on people's lives. Although, the negative aspect of Christmas letters portrayed in comedy sketches (like the one I saw the other night on Jay Leno) can be true for some, I still like reading them. I write ours mainly for us, though. I envision the kids reading back over them someday and seeing how they've grown and how they're likes and dislikes have changed and remembering the highlights of each year. I think someday I might do two though. One with the "real" pictures and one where they look nice - just for fun, and just for us.

So, what do you think about Christmas letters? Yea or Nay?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Real on ONLY Reason for Happiness

Yesterday, I named ten things that make me happy. But somewhere in my pregnant, eardrumless fog I failed to mention that, while these things make me abundantly happy and I am so blessed, my JOY is in Jesus Christ. That is the One steadfast, immovable, unchangeable Foundation to joy and peace, even if something changes in my top ten list.

Since Monday, I've been laying low quite a bit. The minute I get up and get busy, I get dizzy and nauseous. Thankfully, the kids have been great and my husband has kept up the laundry and dishes and picked up the house and my mom has helped out with the kids when I really needed down time. Everything has gone smoothly, but I'm a busy person and it's only how many days until Christmas?! I really have so much to do but with my head swimming, I have to be still. Yesterday as I was fighting the need to set up the sewing machine and get to the grocery store and finish up the Christmas shopping, I read this:

"I am speaking in the depths of your being. Be still so that you can hear My voice. I speak in the language of love; My words fill you with life and peace, joy and hope. I desire to talk with all of my children, but many are too busy to listen. The "work ethic" has them tied up in knots. They submit wholeheartedly to this taskmaster, wondering why they feel so distant from Me.

"Living close to Me requires making Me your First Love--your highest priority. As you seek My Presence above all else, you experience Peace and Joy in full measure. I also am blessed when you make Me first in your life. While you journey through life in My presence, My Glory brightens the world around you."

Is 50:4; Rev 2:4; Is 60:2
Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

The first question in the shorter catechism is: Q - What is the chief aim of man? A - The chief aim of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

John Piper's deduction in his book, Desiring God is that we glorify God BY enjoying Him. Finding our joy in Christ is our purpose in life and fulfills our calling to glorify God. "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him." - JP

In every moment leading up to the celebration of the life and sacrifice of our Savior, find your delight - not in the hubbub and craziness of shopping and gifts and decorations (though all that can be fun too) - but in the deep, deep love of Jesus!

O the deep, deep love of Jesus, vast, unmeasured, boundless, free! Rolling as a mighty ocean in its fullness over me - underneath me, all around me, is the current of Thy love; leading onward, leading homeward, to my glorious rest above.

O the deep, deep love of Jesus, spread His praise from shore to shore! How He loveth, ever loveth, changeth never, never more. How He watches o'er His loved ones, died to call them all His own; How for them He intercedeth, watcheth o'er them from the throne!

O the deep, deep love of Jesus, Love of every love the best! 'Tis an ocean vast of blessing, 'tis a haven sweet of rest. O the deep, deep love of Jesus, 'tis a heaven of heavens to me; and it lifts me up to glory for it lifts me up to Thee.

--Samuel Trevor Francis 1834-1925

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 101

I've been given an award my my dear friend Katie. How exciting! I get to tell you the top 10 things that make me do the happy dance. Those of you who know me well know that I don't dance, but I am pretty happy, so here goes in somewhat random order:

#1 My baby girl - she's the happiest, sweetest, cutest thing. So blessed to have her!
#2 - My biggest boy who has officially reached the stage where he can't remember how to smile "real" when the camera is out. He's a great helper and such a wonderful big brother! He loves his little brother and sister and, in his words, loves teaching them how to obey God! He's pretty awesome.
#3 My big little boy when he first wakes up. - Wild hair, sleepy eyes, and the stocky/squishy body that just melts in my arms. He's so big and tough, but so gentle with his little sister. My sweet boy!
#4 My awesome husband!!! He works so hard for our family and loves us to the fullest. His sacrifice daily for us in work and time and energy and love are one of our greatest blessings.

#5 The baby growing inside me. If you've followed this blog over the last few months, you know that I haven't been doing the happy dance throughout this pregnancy. But, I really am excited to give Alayna and the boys a little sister and to expand our family, yet again! It's going to be crazy and wonderful!

#6 Coffee - given enough coffee, I can rule the world ... or at least get my house clean!

#7 Good food - I'm like a man when it comes to food. It's the way to my heart. Seriously, a good meal made by me, but usually made by someone else, is heaven!

#8 A clean house - with 6 little hands following me around and undoing everything I do, this doesn't happen very often (usually after bedtime). But a well-lit clean house with the windows open and the spring breeze coming through makes me SO happy! I'm okay with a slightly messy house and happy little voices running through it though ;)

#9 Zumba - my new love. I'm an aerobics instructor. I get paid to work out. It's nice. I think I even originally posted about a strong dislike for Zumba. However, after I got the steps down (you have to go at least 3 times), I was addicted! It's a dance party with your friends - and I don't dance - but it's SO fun and a great workout!

#10 Sleep - looking back over the list I'm amazed at the different person I've become in just the last 5 years. After having children, a good night's sleep ranks way up there on the list of things that make me happy. Waking up rested rarely happens (thus my love for strong coffee), but when it does, I'm on cloud nine!

Now I'm supposed to list 4 or 5 people whose blogs I read who make me happy:

1. Amanda - my wonderful sister and mother of 4 who always has good story or a good does of reality as a mother. Love her!

2. My friend Steph - incredible mother of 4 boys and a dear friend to me. Her blog is full of creative stuff she does with her kids. She's such an energy-giver!

3. Karen - the inspiring mother of EIGHT, yes, you read that right! She puts me to shame, and encourages me at the same time. Her blog is always entertaining and insightful.

4. Shannon - my youngest sister. Her blog is strictly entertaining. Full of work stories and movie reviews and crazy dreams she has. Love it!

What makes you happy?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ear drums - who needs 'em?!

I don't know why I thought ear infections were things that kids get and they're not really a big deal. I will have SO MUCH more compassion now when my poor children get ear infections.

I woke up at 5am Monday morning with severe pain in my right ear and all over the right side of my face. I was sure it was swollen beyond imagination, but it wasn't. I called my OB and she directed me to my primary care doctor who couldn't work me in for a couple of days! I detest my home town Urgent Care. I'm pretty sure everyone who works there hates their life and hates all the sick people who come in. It's constantly PACKED with sick people too. I've never been in there and waited less than an hour. But, even after all that I was ready and willing to head into Urgent Care.

My wonderful husband came in from his first early morning appointment that happened to be close to our house and offered to drive me to a different Urgent Care. Yes, we would drive 30 minutes out of the way. That's how much we don't like it! So, mom came over to have a Christmas craft party with my kids (she's incredible) while David and I went to the doctor. I was the only person in the waiting room and we got right in. The doctor came in 2 seconds later - love it! Ear infection, sinus infection, and potential pneumonia! He couldn't do any x-rays but said if the antibiotics don't clear up the congestion within a couple of days to come back in.

David and I picked up Subway on the way home. All of this time that acute pain was constant. I have never experience pain like that that couldn't be relieved. It brought a grown woman to tears! We got home and fed the kids and put them to bed and put me to bed. I didn't sleep a lot until something popped in my ear. I didn't realize until later that my ear was bleeding. After a little research and the confirmation of several friends who had experience the same thing, I realized my ear drum had burst.

So glad God gave us two ears!

Monday, December 14, 2009

It must be Monday

I think blogging is good for the mommy brain, or any brain. It's so easy for me to get stuck in the slog of diapers and cleaning house and cooking dinner and other mindless, routine activities. I've found it so good for me to sit down every day or so and write something - anything. Then I find that throughout my day I think of things or see things "blog-worthy". Ideas start flowing and all-of-a-sudden I'm beyond the daily grind of routine and finding lessons and stories and humor in everything.

My family has been through the flu this past week. The flu is actually not so bad, it's all the crud that come afterward like sinus infections and ear infections. I'm in so much pain right now. I had no idea ear infections felt this bad. David's taking me to urgent care in a little bit. I don't trust my dizzy self to drive!

We tried to take some Christmas pictures yesterday. Everyone was feeling better, so I cut the boys hair, dressed everyone in red and stood them up by the cedar trees. There's nothing quite like testing parents' patience like taking pictures of three small children. Smiling and looking at the camera simultaneously is a feat few under five can handle. I think we got a few of everyone but Alayna, who didn't think standing out in the cold was anything to smile about.

On to urgent care before the entire right side of my face explodes!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Break Time

Saturday's are generally the same as any other day for us. David usually still has work appointments. The kids and I don't usually do any official school, but we may tackle a project and my hands on attention is always needed.

Today, David is staying home with the kids and I get to go out. Grant it, it is a meeting, but it's at Panera with a group of women that I adore, planning exciting things. So, I'm excited.

Here's the part where I jump on my soap box and proclaim deep truths: Mom's need a break every once in a while. Deep, isn't it?! But, seriously, it has taken me three children to really understand this. I always felt guilty leaving my kids with someone else so I could go grocery shopping alone or just get a cup of coffee and sit in quiet. But I would let myself get to the point of weariness and tears and overwhelming frustration, when all I really needed was a moment without someone on my hip, and someone pulling at my leg and someone else yelling "mom" across the house. When I felt like everything I did was mediocre or worse, I would get burned out.

I'm not a preacher of "me-time" by any means. I love my children and I want to invest time and energy and MYSELF into them. However, the truth stand that if my energy is sapped, the only investment my children will receive will be from the frustrated, over-tired mom who has grown to view her role as a mother as a burden instead of a joy.

Last week, a dear, trusted friend offered to keep the kids for the day while I did something fun. She's a mother of four nearly grown children herself, so she understands exactly where I am right now - she was there herself at one time. So, you don't have to depend on your husband and run out the door as soon as he gets home from work. You don't always have to pay a babysitter (though I have a time or two). Even other mommy friends don't mind giving you a break, because they understand too.

So, I'm off to shower and throw on something cute (no maternity sweats - ugh!!) and get ready for a couple of hours OUT! This afternoon holds plenty of lego building, baby rocking, book reading and game playing. For now - a short break that I shall ENJOY!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Catechisms in real life

Well the kitchen got cleaned from top to bottom, the house got completely disinfected (I'll have to do it again today), and "it" is a GIRL! We couldn't be more thrilled ... except for the boys. Hudson said, "Are you kidding me? Don't you know we like boys around here." He and David had a long talk after that one. He came back and apologized for being disrespectful. This morning he said, "Mom, I really like just having us." To which I responded, "What if I told your daddy before you were born that I really liked just having us and we never had you, would you be sad? What if we went ahead and had you and after you were born we decided we really didn't want any more kids, so we never had Pierce or Alayna. Would you be sad?"

We've been doing our daily Bible study time through a devotional book of catechisms and we're on providence, so I asked, "Hudson, what is providence?" He rolled his eyes a little bit, but answered, "God's wise governing of every creature and every action." I smiled and said, "Do you think God knew I was going to have another baby? Do you think God decided our family would need another girl instead of a boy? Do you think God knows what's best, even if it's not what we want?" He nodded his head to all of that (and sadly it reminds me of the same conversation I had with myself when I first found out I was pregnant). "God has something very special for this little girl just like he does for you." I told him when I didn't like someone it always helped me to pray for them. So he prayed, "God help me to love this baby even though I don't like her"!! I guess we're moving in the right direction.

Alayna pays attention to all this baby talk. She said, "Ah, cute!" Which is what she says about every baby, animal, or clothes she likes. Who wouldn't want another one of those?!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby #4

I should be cleaning my kitchen and disinfecting doorknobs, but ... I'm not. I'm drinking coffee and thinking and blogging.

I've been working on our Christmas letter for the last few days - between doctor visits and wiping bottoms and blowing noses and other mommy duties. As I write about our kids' achievements, likes and dislikes and changes over the year, I can't help but think about how different next year's letter will look. We'll have a seven-month old whom we never knew we couldn't live without. I can't even imagine all of the changes except that one - another brother or sister to share a room and clothes and toys with and to love. It really blows my mind even as it growing and kicking me and I know it's there, but it's going to be incredible to put a face to it ... and a gender so I don't call it "it" anymore.

Today is the day we find out what "it" is, as long as "it" cooperates. Excitement!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tons of Pictures

A special night - daddy bought chocolate graham crackers so I made smores and the kids watched a Christmas movie on our bed. (Tip: They were on a quilt so all the crumbs were gathered at the end of the snack and dispersed for the birds).
The ship that took us three days. It's pretty awesome though. Doors really open and there are extra ships that can fly out and in with real places for little lego guys to sit. The boys have played with it non-stop.
The birthday boy - so pumped to be at Putt & Jump with all his friends.
The birthday brother - equally pumped :)
The birthday sister always steals the show - she's just too cute!
The awesome pancakes requested by the birthday boy - one for him and one for Pierce - so thoughtful.
Bedtime story with Alayna (notice baby #4's growth!!!).
My sweet girl
Funny story - one beautiful night a few weeks ago we ventured to a local lake. We threw rocks and kicked the soccer ball and went for a little hike over the hill. David decided to sit down on top of the hill, little knowing it was covered with stickers. He promptly took off his shorts (there was no one around) and walked back to the van in his underwear! The boys thought it was about the funniest thing ever!
Morning with hot chocolate.

Our Happy Thanks Giving Indian hats. We ended up taping drinking straws to the back of the feathers so they would stand up - I'm so crafty, HA!

And yesterday afternoon we all woke up from naps with fevers so I called our pediatrician, who got us right in. Hudson was checked out first with a flu test - that's a horrific Q-tip scraper up your nose. Hudson cried and Pierce shed a few sympathy tears - he's such a sensitive boy. Thankfully they didn't test us all. Poor Hudson was the scapegoat and we all got medicated. So, yes, we all have H1N1 flu, which, I hear, can be particularly dangerous for pregnant women. Our pediatrician was my doctor when I was little. He went ahead and gave me an inhaler and prescribed stuff for the kids. Then he said he would like to give us this appointment as our Christmas gift! WHAT?! Seriously, I couldn't keep back the tears. What incredible provision from the Lord through one of the sweetest men I know. So grateful!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The 2nd trimester is my friend

Sipping on my coffee this frigid morning. Yes, I can drink coffee now. I can eat and enjoy it. It's an amazing feeling. I don't know what clicks over from the first trimester to the second, but I like it! The baby is kicking all the time now. We find out what it is in 2 short days! We're so excited. Alayna walks around with a baby stuffed in her shirt all the time now. Then she pulls it out and rocks it and sings to it. Her newest sentence is, "Watch out, here I come!" Girls are fun.

Hudson celebrated his 5th birthday last Saturday. I'll post pictures soon. Mimi and Papa bought him the biggest Starwars lego ship available. Three days later, the mommy had the ship built and removed from the dining room table. Hudson helped but, in his words, "This one's for nines mom. We might need to do some team work." And now that it's done, my children rise up and call me blessed ... or, really awesome at legos - I'll take it.

I'm working on our Christmas letter and waiting for decent afternoon to snap a few pictures of clean children with combed hair dressed in red. Like I said, I'm drinking coffee now. Anything is possible!

Pierce raked it in on Hudson's birthday with lots of G.I. Joe guys - his favorite. His newest sentence is "rock and roll, GI Joe." Only it sounds more like "Wock and Woah, GI Joe." He's super observant these days. We drove to Target a few days ago (our hometown target is in a long strip center with lots of other major stores) Let it be known that we go there at least once a week, even if it's just to look. However, this particular day Pierce's eyes were opened and looking at all the stores he exclaimed, "Mom, there's lot's of Targets!" Such a bright fellow.

My boys have both asked for robes this year for Christmas, and legos because you can never have enough legos.

And now it's lunch time so I'm going to go eat and enjoy that wonderful feeling a food in my tummy that has no plan on coming back up. It's the little things.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Video of Alayna singing and the boys playing

This is for you, Aunt Epsie - nothing fancy or too terribly entertaining, but I think they're pretty cute :) Well, the video wouldn't upload so copy the link below to your browser:

And here's a shot of baby #4. 16 weeks and KICKING! I like this part. I haven't thrown up in a few days. I THINK I'm out of the woods.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

November update!

We're long overdue for an update. Did I used to have time to blog?!

Happy Birthday wishes to my husband today! This last year has been full of challenges for him and our family. I am happy to say, the Lord has been so faithful and we're doing great despite the challenges. David still has no official diagnosis and no real relief from the pain or fatigue. But he's working and doing the best he can with the energy he does have. Thanks to suggestions from a couple of people who read this blog there are a couple more things we can try once we get the current bills paid.

I'm still throwing up, but we hit 15 weeks this week. Hopefully the turning point is any minute! Teaching kindergarten and preschool keeps me busy when me head's not in the toilet.

The kids are getting so big. Alayna's talking like crazy. She's started putting "y" on the end of everything though. Like "booky, cuppy, dressy, nappy." I don't know what to do with that except talk to her like a normal human. She also loves to dress up. A dear friend of mine passes down her kids clothes to me. I opened up a sack today and found the "outfit" that Alayna put together in the picture above. She's so creative :)

Pierce has been a little traumatized by all the vomiting. He's pretty sure the baby is going to come out of my mouth!

Anyhow - I'm still here and I'll try to be a little more faithful with the updating of the chaos at this house!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Same song, second verse

Someone remind me that it's worth it. David went to Norman for the U2 concert. I wasn't feeling well so instead of making dinner tonight I thought I'd just go pick it up. After driving through McDonald's I headed home in the wonderful bright sunlight. After I sneezed three times I felt it coming. It heeds no rules like "don't attack her while she's driving!" Seriously, I had to pull over on the side of the road and throw up in a plastic bag. I should have just gotten out of the car. I didn't realize the bag had a hole in it. Lovely. Hudson said, "Mom, when I watch you throw up it makes me do this," heaving gag.

I think people have actually blocked me on facebook because they're tired of reading updates like "vomit." So, I'm all done. No more posts or blogs about the effects of pregnancy on me. I just had to tell someone about tonight. It was awful.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shouting "Europe!" at the Porcelain

I think throwing up gives me writer's block. All I can think about is throwing up and trying not to throw up. I just fixed the kids lunch and I'm waiting on David to bring me my lunch from Bob's Giant Subs. I love their Italian Chicken Salad Sub. But waiting on food and smelling yucky kid food makes me sick. Night time is the worst. I finally get the kids to bed and then I sit really still and breath deep and try to think about anything but throwing up. I usually throw up anyway. Then I go to bed and try not to wake up in the middle of the night because, inevitably, I'll throw up.

I finally went to see my doctor last Thursday. I'm due May 5 which puts me at 11 weeks today. That means I probably only have about 4 more weeks of being sick. The end is in sight. She did prescribe me some medicine. It just makes me sleepy though so I only take it at night, but that works out since the night is the worst. B6 through the day ... we'll see. It's just throwing up. There are worse things, and I do have a healthy growing baby inside me. My jeans are starting to get tight. Great!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Battle Ground

"Don't be distracted by future concerns. Leave them to Me! Each day of life is a glorious gift, but so few people know how to live within the confines of today. Much of their energy for abundant living spills over the time line into tomorrow's worries or past regrets. Their remaining energy is sufficient only for limping through the day, not for living it to the full." --Jesus Calling

2 Chronicles 20 has been my absolute favorite Bible story for a long time. I re-read it tonight and feel a renewed faith that the Lord is perpetually with me in this moment and this season of my life. Future concerns weigh so heavily on me at times that the joy is completely robbed from my TODAY. The story goes that armies are coming against Israel and they are afraid so they all come together to seek the Lord. "And all Judah was standing before the Lord, with their infants, their wives and their children." I love that picture. That's where I am. Look at me, Lord. Do you see me here, pregnant with three small children and a sick husband? Do you see how hard this is? What am I supposed to do?

The story continues that a prophet comes forward with a word from the Lord that Israel will not need to fight in this battle, "for the battle is not yours, but God's... put your trust in the Lord your God and you will be established." Then the king sends out the choir before the army to "give thanks to the Lord for His loving kindness is everlasting." And when they began singing and praising the Lord set ambushes against the other armies and they destroyed each other while Israel watched. It's an amazing story - you should read the whole thing.

The truth is I feel like I've been limping through my days, instead of trusting in the Lord and waiting for His deliverance that is promised to come. It may be a long time before life is "normal" again, but I know that my lot is maintained by my heavenly Father who knows exactly what I need and who is using every opportunity to draw me to Himself.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tummy Aches

Well, Saturday is almost at it's close. Yes, I'm already counting down the hours until bedtime. We celebrated Pierce's 3rd birthday Thursday with cake and friends. Friday morning Hudson woke up complaining that his tummy hurt. I should have listened. We got ready for the Y anyway and loaded in the car. Just before we left Hudson pointed to his chest, "Mom, I think right here is broken." Probably not, but okay. We pulled down the service road leading to the Y and Hudson said, "Mom, I think I'm going to throw up." The pregnant, throwing up mom that I am had a towel in the car already. "Here, throw up in this towel," I said as I threw the towel to the back seat. Just as we pulled into the Y parking lot, he did indeed throw up. And there went the weekend.

Friday night, just as Hudson seemed to be feeling better, Pierce came in and told me his back hurt. I rubbed his back for a few minutes before he stood up straight, turned around and threw up all over Alayna. Why didn't I see that coming?! Poor sister screamed and cried and so did Pierce. After we cleaned that up I called my parents. They came to the rescue with a movie for the kids and food for the mommy, which I threw up later. That's okay - that's just life for the next 10 weeks.
Here's the sick babies watching a movie on my bed.

We've been recovering today. Everyone has eaten pretty normal today and Alayna never got the dreaded peukies - crossing my fingers and still praying.

Building A Pirate Cake

After the pink lady bug cake disaster I was admittedly a leery of trying my hand at the pirate cake - but it's cheaper and in the end Pierce just wants to eat the icing anyway, so ...
I cut two round cakes in half and "glued" them together with chocolate icing.
Then poked drinking straws through them after one side split and threatened to ruin my day!
After icing the whole thing I relinquished my chocolate hazelnut Pirouette cookies for the deck and the cannons.

Finished product with chopstick sails and chubby pirates. My boys were totally impressed!


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