Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks Giving Weekend

Alayna's first ear infection happened this weekend, thus the hat.  "How 'bout we call her sweet little cutie with a hattie hat?"  Hudson's suggestion - brilliant.

 David and I were married February 28, 2004.  We had Hudson December 5, 2004.  Our first Christmas we had nothing as far as decorations go, and I was barely mobile because Hudson was a ROUGH delivery.  David picked up a few decorations and a Christmas tree from Good Will.  Well, this year the boys and I decided to get a few new things.  Same tree with blue lights and blue ornaments (obviously the boys are big fans of blue.  Alayna will be too, right?)

Joe and Vicki Ramey, mom & dad, aka, Mimi & Papa.  We had a huge family Thanks Giving on Thursday, but I forgot my camera.  Aunts, uncles, cousins... about 24 in all.  Friday, we had dinner at mom and dad's.  Awesome turkey, bacon melt subs with guacamole, homemade tomato soup, chocolate fudge cakes with ice cream.  It was a feast.

The siblings - Zach 24, Ange almost 27, Shannon almost 21, me 28, Amanda almost 27.  For those of you raising young children (like me) we used to fight, and now we really are best friends.  It was a happy weekend.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kung Fu

Sweet Pierce

the "Mean Guy" Face

We ventured to Walmart today.  I usually try to get everything done  on Monday morning - especially this week.  What a mad house!  Even mothers with three small children get very little grace during the holiday craziness.  My sweet little Pierce mad the "mean guy" face at everyone who told him how cute he was.  Love it.

Before we left as I was getting stuff together I had Hudson "hold" Alayna.  He said, "I know you want to get a picture of this mom.  We're so cute!"  Ha!

We always get stopped by older people at Walmart and my kids never fail to impress.  Today Hudson decided to show off his newest kung fu moves while singing in a high-pitched Asian accent, "Everybody love Kung Fu Fighting."  It's our favorite song right now.  Pierce, of course, follows suite.  I'm exhausted.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Raising Kids

Hudson, Alayna & Pierce watching Kung Fu Panda (which, by the way, if you have boys may not be a great idea because everybody loves kung fu fighting, especially brothers).  Who do you think Alayna looks like?

My sister and I were talking this morning about disciplining our children and using Scripture to do so.  For example, when Hudson was complaining about being bored in Target the other day I said, "Hudson, God's Word says we should do everything without grumbling and complaining.  Are you obeying God's Word?"  No.  "You are dishonoring God and dishonoring me.  Instead we should give thanks in all things.  What are some things we can be grateful for that God has blessed us with?"  However, if he hears me grumbling and complaining about the weather, the huge pile of laundry, the mess daddy made ;), etc, my instructions become null and void in his mind because good character is ALWAYS more caught than taught (actions speak louder than words). 

I will never be the perfect example for my kids, but I'm finding a little humility and asking their forgiveness goes a long way.  So, instead of being the almighty giver of wise instructions from Scripture and creating little legalistic Bible thumpers, I hope I can show my kids that mom has a hard time with that too.   We're all totally depraved.  There is no one righteous.  I can ask their forgiveness and show them Christ's forgiveness.  Sometimes I feel like, I've got to get this right!  These are future men and women I'm shaping here!  I'm yelling and complaining and lazy and I'm failing!  Lord, please fill in the gaps.  It's not just me instruction and training my little ones all the time.  More often than not, God is using them to sharpen and shape me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mean Mom

Well, we got Kung Fu Panda the other day and I was going to let the boys watch it tonight.  We went to Target to get my friend, Kim James, a baby gift (girl due in Dec).  I picked up several other things and Hudson kept complaining about being bored and this was "no fun at all."  So I said, "We're almost done and when we get home we can watch a very special movie I got for us."  (David's taking a class tonight and tomorrow night so we're filling evenings without daddy with Target and movies.  It's like a mini vacation.  I know, pathetic).  Hudson asked, "Is it Wall-E?"  I answered, "No, but I think you'll really like it."  He proceeded to tell me that he only wanted to watch Wall-E and his whole day had been boring and he hadn't done anything fun at all.  So, I told him he couldn't watch the movie (we were outside of Target by now - because a smart mom never says something like that to an almost 4-year-old INSIDE the store).  He proceeded to wail like I'd just cut off his arm.  We got in the van and Pierce hit Hudson, (he needed a spanking because he was throwing a fit!)  We drove home in crazy loud crying.  We all got in the house and the boys went to their rooms.  We had a talk about giving thanks in all things and I told a story about two little boys who didn't have any toys or movies or special snacks, etc.  We talked about things we could be grateful for besides material possessions.  I don't think they quite got it, but they did get that if they throw a fit and grumble and complain, they will NOT get their way.  It's no fun being a mean mom ;)  The boys went to bed early and Alayna and I had a great night. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday :(

Poor Hud woke up with a fever Sunday afternoon.  We took him to see Laurel Molini at Redi Clinic (she's the best by the way), and she diagnosed him with strep.  She saw 5 cases of strep on Sunday so it's going around.  You can have it in you and be contagious for 14 days without actually being sick.  We started antibiotics last night.  The fever broke and he looks normal today- poor guy.  Pierce & Alayna are still looking good but I'm pre-treating them so we don't pass it around in the next 2 weeks!  My Monday could have been terrible, but my husband brought me a peppermint mocha, my mom brought me Baha Jacks awesome quesadillas, I got a sub for water aerobics and mom watched P & A while I took Hud to see Laurel, and David stayed home instead of going to his Monday night meeting.  Turned out to be a pretty okay day.  Just a little funny thing:  the nurse asked Hudson what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said, "Well, I think I just want to play with my kids."!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Funny Hud

Hudson was sitting on the toilet this morning as I waited patiently to do the mommy part of this morning ritual.  He looked at me and said, "Wow, my head is getting warm.  It feels kind of like rain.  That's because of my brain, it's warming up my head and the rest of me.  That's probably because I do a lot of exercise."  Okay?!  

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Forget not All HIS Benefits

 Well, I went to bed way too late last night.  Alayna was up from 1-2am (I still don't know what her deal was, unless she didn't like my pizza).  Then everyone woke up at 6:45.  But it's Thursday which means PLAY GROUP!!!  So instead of slugging through my day hanging on by my fingernails until nap time, we went to Miss Lisette's house and drank strong coffee with homemade cinnamon rolls.  My kids got to play and wear themselves out before nap time and I got some SWEET fellowship with my girlfriends.  I am so blessed to have other moms who are my close friends.  We're all in the same stage of life and we can be real about it.  We each identify with the other's frustrations and challenges and every one of them is able to encourage me and lift me up.  I love Thursdays!  Thank you girls!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Today is David's birthday.  The kids and I made pumpkin spice biscuits this morning in heart shapes and woke David up (at 9:30) singing "Happy Birthday."  Then they opened his presents for him :)

Happy Birthday Babe - We love you!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Family Resemblance

Hudson and My dad (aka The Great White Fantasy Hunter).

A lot of Hudson looks like my husband, but this smacks of Ramey :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Ruler

"This is my Father's world, O let me ne'er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the Ruler yet." --M.D. Babcock

Monday, November 3, 2008

Saturday with Cousins

Not a great shot of Mama Freddy, but Alayna posed for you :)

Mimi (my mom) & cousin Kate

Pierce playing with his four wheeler

Claire looking at us through the playground

Cousin Riley telling Hudson some animated story

Hudson singing about how Batman loves God :)

Pierce Playing on the playground in our backyard

We had such a relaxing and fun family weekend.  We didn't go anywhere or do anything becuase it was gorgeous out and McDonald's playground is in my backyard.  It's way fun at my house these days !


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