Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Christmas time outside

We had just enough snow to go sledding yesterday!  Me-oh-my, what fun.  Dressing 4 kids for snow is a sweaty job.  Sledding with Adelle down the "mountain" then piggy backing her up the mountain is another sweaty job.  I earned my cookies and hot chocolate yesterday.
 Adelle ready to sled.
 Hope, Hillary and Alayna heading down the hill.
 Hudson - he's pretty sure deer can't see him or smell him out here.  :)
 The mommies.
 Hannah, Hudson, Pierce and Harper - that's a lot of weight on one sled.  Super fast.
 Harper and Pierce are buddies.

So, a while back some friends of ours were moving and didn't want to haul all of their Y2K supply with them.  Seriously.  I have buckets of wheat, honey, lentils and salt.  We're set.  Have you ever gotten honey out of a 5 gallon bucket in the winter?  It's a workout.
 Anyway, we can survive on lentils and bread for a long time.

 For Christmas the kids got Build-A-Bear gift cards from Cousin Daniel.  The boys put theirs on ebay and used the money to buy new lego sets they'd been saving for.  The girls and I went to Build-A-Bear and had a blast picking out their new cozy little friends.  Pardon the slick, polished homeschool look.  We're fresh out of the tub.  ;)  (And we homeschool so...)

So, people (grandma, Amanda, Shannon etc) have been on me to keep this blog updated.  I'm so swamped all the time.  I sit down at the computer and think, man I should probably be doing ... a lot of other things.  Be blessed family, this is for you.  :)


Amanda said...

THank ya!
I like the name Hillary. I'll tell ANge.

Shannon W. said...

Hillary Hurt.

No. And, lentils make me sooo gaseous.

Angela Hurt said...

Haha, home school look. :)


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