Monday, February 25, 2013

Lazy Saturday

What girl doesn't love Pinterest and coffee on a lazy Saturday while the kids cartoon themselves into oblivion?  I knew I had nothing to do this past Saturday.  No plans except to water mom's indoor plants.  No real need for conserved energy.  So David and I stayed up WAY too late Friday night.  My kids all woke at their crack-of-dawn hour, and I drank coffee and planned projects for which I had no present energy to complete.  Great ideas for organizing my house and creating a little corner mudroom ...someday.

Donuts for a Saturday breakfast.  I ate two and I didn't exercise.  I got dressed and went out to my garage gym and turned on the music and got warmed up ... and went back inside.  Too tired.

Anytime the boys take their shirts off, Adelle wants her shirt off too.  So does Alayna but we've started the modesty rule with her.  It's hard to be 4 1/2.  My stout little lion girl with her leggings on backwards and cute little toddler buns, chubby little belly and wild hair gets away with way too much.  I said I would never let the baby-of-the-family lenience play into my family.  Never say never.

I cut their shaggy hair today.   It's still long on top, just trimmed around the ears and neck.  Forgot to take finished-product pictures.  These little UFC wantabeees are the best of friends.  Blessed.

Lazy Saturdays are good for snuggling squishy, spineless girls.  Seriously, Adelle could take you down with one stiff arm to the neck.  My little Alayna and her Elmo body just squishes up.  She's a ball of cute.

David let me get away Saturday afternoon and I bought this awesome dress at Old Navy for $8.  It's a very dangerous wrap dress.  My kids were fascinated by it.  I wore it to church on a breezy morning, coffee in one hand, kids in the other ... dangerous.  David bought a Polo Grill Groupon for "casual Sunday" so we went on a date.  It was a great ending to my lazy weekend.  

Now it's 6:27 on Monday morning and time to hit the ground running.  I read this quote from a friend's blog this morning.  This one's going on the mirror.  Read it every day.  Proverbs 3:5-6.

“There’s never been a better day than this one to collapse upon Christ! Quit trying so hard not to need his grace.”  Scotty Smith


Amanda said...

Oh you got the dress! Maybe I should get one too.
Don't you hate it when your brain tells your body to start exercising and your body just can't?
I didn't exercise either. :/
I'm so excited for your new house! Can't wait to see all the projects come to life there. That's so fun.

Katie said...

I loved this entire post. And the dress. Love the dress. :)

Love you, friend.

Shannon W. said...

Amanda should buy that dress, then all three of us can wear it. Mine was $7. So there.

Fred Love said...

You win Shannon. I also bought a "farkly" shirt. The kids couldn't keep their hands off me. Awkward.

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