Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clean, shmean, shower, shmower

I would just like you to know that I look like this all the time.  Showering is such a hassle.  I'm going to invest in some cute hats and call it good.

So this bandit runner didn't get arrested.  Katie and I had a great run on the streets of Tulsa.  

I finally got my driver's license issues resolved.  I had to go see a driver examiner.  The other three times I visited different tag agencies I had actually showered, fixed my hair and put make up on, prepared for my photo shoot that I have to live with for the next four years.  But, you know, I figured it's probably better that I look like I always look on my ID.  So I went to see the Driver Examiner in my ponytail, no makeup, and no nap.  And I wasn't even stolen.  Some crazy computer glitch.  So he took my picture and that was that.  Glad that's over for the next four years.  Isn't it so cool that my driver's license renewal always happens with the presidential election?  My almost eight-year-old thinks so.  :)  Pierce said, if there's someone else out there with your name they probably don't have a Hudson, Pierce, Alayna and Adelle.  Just show us to them.  :)  We saw a bunch of red balloons flying away and he said, "What happened?  Did somebody shoot a clown?"  He's always joking around.  This morning he hopped around with a piece of turkey bacon hanging out of his mouth, cock-a-doodle-dooing.  So Adelle, not fully understanding this joke, put a piece in her mouth and started mooing.  It's always so much fun here.  ;)

This is Nicole, my marathon training buddy.  We just ran 22 miles Saturday.  I think we were delirious. 

Shan Wheelie can appreciate these mad braiding skilz.

This is what I look like when I shower, in case you forgot.  The boys are doing 5K training for the Thanks Giving Day Hog Jog at our Y.  We had to get some chocolate milk and a protein bar for recovery after their first training run.  ;)  

Adelle was doing her best Ninja pose with the boys in this shot.

Princesses and Ninjas - so cute.

(and in the time it has taken me to load these pictures and type this nonsense, I have yelled at my kids three time to leave me alone and let me finish this, which is why I don't update this thing very often.  Confession of a too busy mom).


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